MineMarket 5.5.8 Help

(Including IMS Integration Hub)

MineMarket provides comprehensive management of the mining value chain, combining material tracking, logistics management, complex sales and marketing, and commodity trading capabilities into a single solution. It ensures traceability throughout the mining value chain, covering transportation, material purchases and sales, invoicing, and trading. MineMarket facilitates informed decision-making through real-time monitoring of market fluctuations, profit and loss metrics, accurate transaction tracking; and offers maximum market transparency from initial execution to final settlement. Flexible and analytics-driven, MineMarket supports bulk commodities, precious metals, and base metals, including concentrates and discrete units. It can be used out of the box or tailored to match the specific needs of your mining operation, serving as a key risk management and profit optimisation tool.

IMS Integration Hub transacts messages between Intelligent Mining Solutions (IMS) applications and third-party systems; and can run various tasks based on file system watch and scheduled events.
 What's New in MineMarket 5.5?

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Commodity Trading and Risk Management

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What's New in IMS Integration Hub?
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